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Spotify music streaming service announced on Twitter that the platform will integrate with Facebook Stories. Users...

EBox KODI not working Fix

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Samsung Galaxy S20: Real images show the complete design of the smartphone!

Here are the images that confirm the Samsung Galaxy S20. To be more concrete, these images...

Prepare your steel for Ghost of Tsushima Legends

Ghost of tsushima It is one of the most spectacular games of this end of generation and therefore the announcement of a future expansion turned out to be great news. Now we have the Legends release date. So, if you were wanting new stories and some additional mode, sign up well on the day it will be available.

Samurai, Hunter, Ronin and Assassin, which one do you prefer?

The new expansion of Ghost of Tsushima already has a final release date. It will arrive next October 16 and it will give plenty of reasons for all those who left their places to want to return. Especially since they can do it accompanied by three friends to enjoy the new game modes.

Legends, the name of this first expansion, you can play side by side with several friends. Three to be exact will be the ones that can accompany you through all these new missions that will arrive. Some of them will be story missions for two players while others will be designed for four and the new survival mode. Without forgetting the inclusion mode which will be released a few weeks after launch.

Once you update, to access these new stories and missions you will have to look for Gyozen the Storyteller, a character who will be in various cities and locations. He is aware of everything that happens and is always ready to tell you evocative stories.

But leaving aside these stories and missions that you will discover if you decide to play it, Legends will also include new classes. Four in total and each of them with unique advantages so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes or way of playing. Of course, first you start with one and as you progress, the rest will be unlocked.

These new classes are:

  • Samurai: these have as their main characteristic the power to jump into combat without thinking twice or neglecting their health. They also have a special attack that unleashes a barrage of cuts.

  • Hunter: the hunter has different abilities, they can keep their distance from their enemies and attack them before they see it. They have explosive arrows to slow groups down and if they are in trouble they can turn to the Eye of Uchitsune to rain dates on enemies.

  • Ronin– Able to revive the entire team with Izanami’s Breath ability, their role in raids can be as critical as any other. What’s more, sometimes they may be the ones that truly allow for success.

  • Assassin: finally, this class is the most violent and ideal for those who prefer to cause enormous damage despite the risk it may pose to themselves

Along with all this there will be many more news that no matter how small they may be, make a game more complete that is really worth it if you have a PS4 and want to close the generation in style.

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