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Google Stadia will be compatible with Android TV in 2020

Google has been ignoring Android for televisions for some time, not bringing big innovations. However, during...

Instagram gives unexpected gifts to all content creators!

Over the past few years, livestreams on Instagram have become increasingly popular, with millions of users...

Lenovo Legion will be the first in the world to have this technology (video)

Lenovo is preparing to ‘rock’ the gaming smartphone market with a new product. The Lenovo Legion...

Samsung Galaxy A50: the full review 2020

2019 is definitely the year of rebound for Samsung. Attacked on all sides by Chinese brands like Huawei or Xiaomi last year, the world's...

Pre-sale Jeep all terrain electric bicycle. But the price is not for everyone

If one of your regular transports is the bicycle, chances are you have already considered an electric model. Although larger, these are more stable than scooters, and are available for various types of audiences.

If you are going to purchase a city model, the amounts that you will pay may be below 1000 euros without problems. If you are looking for an all-terrain model, the Jeep e-bike is one of the new solutions. However, this will cost anything like 5346 euros ($ 5899).

Jeep e-bike

We are looking at a bicycle with a luxurious construction, and with tires that will not disappoint you whatever the tread. In reality, your engine can provide 1.5kW of power, but it should stay at 750W in order to comply with American regulations.

Jeep e-bike

Jeep e-bike promises 64km range

It has more than 160Nm of power, and its 52V battery translates into a capacity of 840Wh. Between refills, this promises to offer the driver about 64km of autonomy.

We are talking about a bicycle with an engine to reach 59km / h, but that should be limited by Jeep and QuietKat (who developed it. Its suspension developed by Fire-Link must withstand the most tortuous routes.

Jeep e-bike

If you are interested in purchasing the new Jeep e-bike, you should keep in mind that it will only be sent to buyers as of June. However, you can now find out more about pre-sales on the official website created for this purpose.

Know more about Jeep e-bike on the official website

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