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Post multiple photos to the same Instagram story?

Creativity in Instagram stories

The stories of Instagram they are the current growth engine of the platform. The characteristic that many use the application on a daily basis, either by publishing their own or seeing those that other users they follow share. Hence, many users wonder how to make them more attractive.

Well, there are many options, from applying filters like Halloween to other types of effects. But there are a series of basic actions that every user should know. Thanks to them and without the need for third-party applications, you will already improve the appearance of your stories. The most prominent are these:

  • Text in rainbow colors: write your text, select it and then with one finger select a color and with another finger tap on the right corner of the text. Now move both fingers at the same time to the left and you will see how the text is colored from the selected tone to the selected point
  • Custom color backgrounds: select the pencil tool and then the background color you want, but do not touch and release but hold down so that the entire background is colored in that tone

These are some basic tricks that, together with the options for underlining text, stickers, etc., allow you to give your stories a different touch. But, How to publish several photos in the same story?

How to post multiple photos to a story

Post multiple photos to Instagram stories it is a simpler action than many may think. Although like everything else, it will always depend on the degree of complexity you want to add and the results you are really looking for. If you need advanced machining options you will have to resort to third-party applications, but you can do it natively. So let’s look at both methods.

For starters, Instagram offers its own option when it comes to posting multiple photos in a single story. This is just to publish history and is the Layout tool. When you select it, you will see that you have at your disposal different templates with which to place two, three, four and up to six images with different schemes.

Once you have selected the template you are interested in, you will have to take one photo after another. When you finish you will be ready to publish without further complications and thus being able to show, for example, different points of view of a product or situations. Here it is already a matter of using your imagination to take advantage of each scheme.

Easy? Yes, quite a lot, but what if you want something more elaborate with which to draw even more the attention of your followers. Well, nothing, you will only have to resort to a specific third-party application or the editor that you normally use, both on your phone and computer.


If you want to resort to third-party mobile applications, there are three that are especially recommended and that at some point we have already talked about here: Unfold, Canva, and Adobe Spark. These three proposals are available for both Android and iOS and are very easy to use, they have a multitude of options and the only thing you have to know is that to unlock their full potential you will have to make use of their integrated purchases.

In case you don’t want to do it from your mobile, any photo editor such as Photoshop, Gimp, Affinity Photo, etc., will help you. The only thing you have to know is the recommended size for stories, both in video or photo format (750 x 1334 or 1127 x 2008 pixels). There you can make the composition you want, with as many images and effects as you are able to apply based on your knowledge.


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