Popular File Manager Application Has Huge Vulnerability

Popular File Manager Application Has Huge Vulnerability

The file manager app named "ES File Explorer File Manager" has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store and is in a problematic vulnerability.

The free Android app to manage your files, apps, photos and everything you have on your smartphone has a worrying vulnerability and no solution yet in sight.

Popular File Manager Application Is Huge Vulnerability

The bug was revealed by Elliot Alderson who showed us how connected to the same network that a person using the app can easily download all files and photos from their smartphone at a glance.

This file manager app is one of the best for Android.

Although not a hacker or code expert, we can see a video in which Elliot Alderson quickly shows us the process. Elliot (oddly named Mr. Robot) is connected to the Wi-Fi network that the phone with the same application and half a dozen keystrokes could easily download all the information stored in the application.

According to Alderson, ES File Explorer starts an HTTP server on port 59777. That makes it vulnerable to people with a little more knowledge in the field.

Should I be concerned about this bug?

I honestly believe so! This is a bug that is not exactly mild. Even if it forces the hacker to be physically connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you, you would be careful to uninstall the smartphone app.

Which application can you install instead of ES File Explorer File Manager

You can always go to the Google Play Store and install the "Files" app from Google. At least until the situation is resolved. This bug is noted in all versions or lower. That is, the same one that is in the Google Play Store at the time of writing this article.

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