Police look at Google Maps to catch crime suspects

Police look at Google Maps to catch crime suspects

Google Maps is a great tool, but it's one of the things that says the most about you. Unfortunately there is no way to have everything without giving anything. Living in the exponent of the technological age, products and services are asking for more and more information about your life. Mostly the free ones. After all, they need information to make money.

Google Maps is one of the services that gives us the most but also the most. If someone looks closely at my Google Maps, they know where I've been, my likes, my favorite places, and my preferences.

Police look at google maps seriously

That's why these kinds of applications scare a lot of people. Although you need to give Google Maps and other Apps permissions to give them the exact location where you are, Google still gets an idea of ​​signal triangulation by simple searches.

Police are looking increasingly at Google Maps

US police and the FBI increasingly look to this service as the perfect tool to arrest suspects. According to the information, Google provides – by court order – the locations of certain users. However, in a primary phase it does not provide the concrete data of these. I will explain.

For example, if there is a particular crime in a place, Google provides the information of all users who were there but without identifying them. A second court order may exist requesting the details of a particular person. Yes, the Mountain View company offers the "name, email and other information associated with the equipment in question"

According to a Google employee, the Mountain View company receives about 180 orders every week. However, it was not mentioned how many of these requests the US company responds positively.

For its part, Apple continues to refuse to offer its users' data even with court order. I honestly don't know which one is the best. On the one hand we have security and effectiveness in solving crimes. On the other side we have the privacy violation.

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