Pokemon Scarlet & Violet A trainer is able to single-handedly win 7 stars Decidueye With Magikarp

Published: 2023-03-19T19:02:11

Updated: 2023-03-19T19:02:21

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trainer has done the impossible and only one-hit KO of a 7-year-old.Star Tera Raid Decidueye One of the weakest Pokemon: Magikarp.

The The first round Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s 7-star Decidueye Tera Raid The battle is nearly over and the players have been battling a lot of them. Arrow Quil Pokemon Earn rewards quickly.

As These are seven-Star Trainers who have completed difficulty raids know that they are the best at it. Pokemon They can enter raids such as Miraidon, ToxtricityOr Bellibolt.

HoweverSome trainers find the strategy more entertaining than others. Scarlet & Violet allows for, with one fan even one-hit KO’ing Decidueye With a Magikarp They can also use the help of their fellow teammates.

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Players developers crazy 7-Star raid strategy using Magikarp

The Incredible clip from the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit, where a user by the name of Nommable123 made a post titled, “Magikarp OHKO vs. Decidueye The Unrivaled.”

The The post also included a 30-second-long clip that showed the Tera RaidThe one-person team consisted of the following: Shiny Magikarp, 2 PerrserkersAnd a Medicham. As As advertised, the video ended with Magikarp landing a devastating Flail On DecidueyeThis was done by, who knocked it out in just one hit.

The OP described the building process they used. It took a lot planning and a bit of luck.

According They used two of them. Perrserkers Holding Zoom Lenses The Ability Battle Armor. AdditionallyThe third player was a Medicham holding a Coba Berry The Ability Pure Power. FinallyThe Magikarp Ironically, he was the principal attacker in the group. Choice Band The Ability Rattled You can also find out more about a Lonely nature.

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The The actual strategy that was actually enacted involved many cheers and moves to raise stats. First, Perrserker I would use Charm Turn 1 followed by Magikarp You can use Defense Cheer. NextThe Medicham The move Skill Swap It is important to Pure Power Capacity to Magikarp.

Next, Perrserker Uses Swagger On Magikarp To raise its attacks, then follow by the other Perrserker You can use Screech On Decidueye. Next, Medicham Uses Helping Hands Attack Cheer. Finally, Perrserker Uses False Swipe On Magikarp It can be reduced to just 1 HP Flail You can cause the most damage.

With All that was done, the team was able to eliminate Decidueye’s health bar after Magikarp Use Flail once. While Some trainers share clips from their one-shotting team. Decidueye With powerful Pokemon Like Miraidon, it’s certainly a sight to behold to watch the raid boss fall to one of the weakest creatures in the game.

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