Pokemon Scarlet & Violet For a laugh, players can share their one-shot strategy ideas Decidueye Tera Raids

Published: 2023-03-17T19:13:48

Updated: 2023-03-17T19:13:57

Decidueye Tera Raids Just started in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and players have already discovered cheeky strategies to take down the 7-star boss in a single hit—some only taking one turn.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet don’t offer much in terms of a post-game experience, but that’s where Tera Raids Please come in. These challenging battles require planning, teamwork, and skill to conquer—and that’s just for 5 to 6-star Raids.

But Every few weeks Game Freak New wave of 7 star hotels announced Tera Raids These are fan favorites Pokemon you can’t find in Paldea. These These are the toughest battles in Gen 9. A wrong move could spell doom for your team.

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HoweverSome players have the ability to think of strategies that can circumvent hardcore buildups. Game Freak presents. And Decidueye It isn't unusual for players to devise strategies that eliminate the 7-star bird in one hit.

7-star Decidueye Tera Raid All taken down in one go

The Video above shows just one example of the many people who found a way cheese. Decidueye. But This requires cooperation and perfect build to succeed. Here’s how they did it.

When Now comes the hard part. Maushold Uses Fake Tears On the boss to lower his Special Defense. Stonejourner This article is used Attack CheerYou can also use the while Florges Uses Draining Kiss MiraidonHe is going to hold a Weakness Policy. This Items buffs Special Attack of the holder by two when it’s hit with a Super Effective move.

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After All of it is completed. Miraidon Will you use? Electro Drift To kill the Decidueye All in one go

Another similar strategy was used by ZealousidealHowever, some hat2236s are acceptable Pokemon Different roles.

While User Prhyst We have created a strategy to allow players to eliminate the Decidueye Without teammates. With A maxed out Special Attack IV & EV, their Miraidon Uses Metal Sound It can be repeated three times Charge Only once. Electro Drift.

Prhyst It was stated that it does take a lot of luck as this can only be done with the right NPCs. At At least one must have a Pokemon The Intimidate Capacity to reduce Decidueye’s Attack stat, but that’s not guaranteed each time you load into a Tera Raid solo.

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SoWhile Greninja Cinderace While it might have been a little more challenging to cheese, players can be assured that they are safe. Decidueye This is a true fan.


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