Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player abandons Shiny for even cooler prize

Published: 2023-01-29T21:05:00

Updated: 2023-01-29T21:05:08

One Pokemon Trainer showed off an amusing clip in which they left a Shiny Zweilous For something else that caught their attention.

Shiny Hunting is one the most popular pastimes. Pokemon The main story is easy to finish and fans will love it.

Thankfully, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Some great additions have been made to the gameplay. Shiny It is easier to hunt than it was in the past. Generations.

As Sometimes players simply have too many options when hunting these rare species. Pokemon In the PaldeaSo demonstrated one trainer who went above and beyond to help his clients. Shiny Zweilous It was done without second thoughts

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainer forgoes Shiny Zweilous

Reddit User can post Cloverinepixel On the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit titled, “ManThis is a screw! Zweilous” gained a lot of traction among the community after they showed off an insane bit of luck in a short video clip.

The The video shows the trainer running through the area. Great Crater This is Paldea (Area ZeroBefore I came across this, Shiny Zweilous. They Quickly make your way to the green-colored DragonIt was a -type, and they got into a fight.

HoweverMore Pokemon The background is where they were born. As Lucky for us, we were one of the first to conceive. Pokemon It was nothing but a Shiny Roaring Moon—the Paradox Pokemon Based on Salamence That is all you get Scarlet version.

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No doubt to many viewers’ surprise, the trainer proceeds to run from the Zweilous Instead, try to catch it immediately Shiny Roaring Moon. While The Shiny Roaring Moon This is an arguably more valuable catch. It runs from a Shiny Pokemon It is almost impossible to believe for most of the long-standing fans. “No Save And no Gallade/Breloom?! Ma heart,” said one shocked trainer.

Though This clip is cut short before either the trainer or the trainee are caught. Shiny PokemonThey were able to return to the Comment Section of the Reddit post to reassure concerned players that they didn’t miss out on two rare Pokemon. “Don’t worry, I got both.”

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