Pokemon Scarlet Violet Blissey Tera Raid Events guide: Counters, dates and Rewards

Published: 2023-03-20T22:14:07

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Blissey 5 Stars are being taken over Tera Raids This weekend is in association with DecidueyeThis is all you have to know about the game. Happiness Pokemon In Scarlet & Violet.

Five 6-star and 5-star Tera Raids These are some of the hardest battles Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Outside of special events, trainers They There are also rewards available that you can use to increase your level, hyper-train, or simply get more. Shiny Hunt Pokemon.

Players target different Pokemon To earn certain rewards and is one of the most sought-after Tera Raids It is Blissey. This It is mostly due to Blissey A higher likelihood of losing your job is a better chance Herba Mystica It's easier to kill than the other raid bosses.

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During Second wave Decidueye Tera Raids. Blissey 5 Stars will feature prominently Tera Raids. Here This article contains all the information players will need for the upcoming raid weekend.

Blissey Pokemon defenderThe Pokemon Company

Blissey 5 Stars will feature Tera Raids Starting at March 24 March 26. In conjunction with the second round of Decidueye raids.

Blissey Tera Raid moveset & Tera Type

From past Tera Raid We know the importance of spotlights Blissey The same moves it has now will be available in the future Tera Raids. HoweverIt is not like anything else Decidueye, Blissey Randomly appearing in your life. Tera Type However, it will retain the white swirl effect surrounding its icon on the map.

Here It is Blissey’s moveset, level, and build in 5-star Tera Raids:

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How You can counter Blissey Tera Raids

Blissey Kitted with a Fairy, FightingAnd NormalPlayers will avoid using the -type of move Pokemon That type is weak for those moves. And Since Blissey Random can also be possible Tera Type, it’s a little hard to gauge which Pokemon To bring.

But The players shouldn’t bring Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, Dark, FightingYou can also call it: DragonExcept for dual-types with resistance to, -types are not allowed. Fairy/Fighting moves. This means no Iron Hands Oder MiraidonThey will most likely suffer too much damage in the fight.

Which Pokemon The player will decide what you need to bring. But It is important to ensure that the following are followed: Pokemon You can bring it Niveau 100Has it? Hyper Trained Stats and has been trained EVs. As Check out the following: Pokemon Effectiveness Type Chart to determine which types work best for you Blissey’s Tera Type.

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Blissey Tera Raid Rewards

If This raid event is in line with the tradition of featured raids from the past. Featured Blissey raids won’t drop Herba Mystica.

HoweverYou can find the rest at Blissey’s Reward Pool Players can still earn EXP, but the game's rules will not change. Candy Tera Shards You can defeat Blissey During the event. Below Here's a listing of all the benefits you can get from Blissey Tera Raids:

  • Exp Candy L
  • Exp Candy XL
  • Happiny Dust
  • Tera Shards (Based Raid type)
  • Rare Candy
  • Health Feather
  • Pomeg Berry
  • Big Mushroom
  • Balm Mushroom
  • Nugget
  • PP Up
  • Bottle Cap
  • Ability Capsule

That’s everythIng you need to know about taking down Blissey in Tera Raids! Check Learn more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Below are guides

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