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Chrome OS Adds Support for Bluetooth Battery Indicator

Oddly enough, Chrome OS doesn't indicate the battery level of Bluetooth-connected devices. If you have a...

Nokia C1 is the new Android Go smartphone that costs only € 50!

Although not so talked about these days, incoming smartphones with Android Go are still quite popular...

20 technical details and curiosities you should know about the new Galaxy S20

The price of 8K The devices boast of record video at 8KHowever, this will cost. We refer obviously to internal storage, since 1 minute of...

Google Assistant: Characters from Frozen Movie Will Tell Little Kids Stories

The Google Assistant virtual assistant is getting more and more complete, receiving new features almost every...

Pokémon has two new exclusive games on Facebook Gaming

Two new Pokémon games have just arrived on Facebook's gaming platform. The titles are called Pokémon Tower Battle and Pokémon Medallion Battle.

Tower Battle is available globally, but for now Medallion Battle is only available for play in the Asia Pacific zones. If you are not in one of these zones, for now you will have to settle for Tower Battle.

Pokémon Tower Battle
Pokémon Tower Battle interface

As its name implies, in this game the goal is to build Pokémon towers. It's a game in which you'll be competing against another player, and the first one to drop a Pokémon from the tower loses.

Medallion Battle will remind you of the classic 'Tazos'

Medallion Battle, on the other hand, reminds players of the longing for the 'tazos'. In this game collect pocket monsters in the form of medallions. Similar to the original games, the player has to train and upgrade his Pokémon to earn badges in the gyms.

Pokémon Medallion Battle
Medallion Battle Pokémon Interface

Play Pokémon Tower Battle

Play Pokémon Medallion Battle (only available in Asia Pacific

“Launching these games through Facebook will enable people around the world to experience Pokémon digitally, and we are especially excited to collaborate with Facebook Gaming to enable new audiences to enjoy online Pokémon games,” said Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of Pokemon. Pokémon Company.

Tower Battle looks like a time-burning game at those boring times. However, Medallion Battle is clearly a time-consuming game that can appeal to the classic saga lover. Hopefully it will be available globally.

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Latest Posts

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MIUI 13: here are the first Xiaomi smartphones to receive the update!

Arriving in mid-2021, the thirteenth iteration of the interface or skin, will reach a large number...

Sony is banning PlayStation 5 users for sharing the PS Plus Collection library

How to share the PS Plus Collection library Let's put ourselves in situation. You have a PS Plus account, but for now you're still...

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