Pokemon Go Rank Tankers Please click here Niantic Change Battle League Reward system

Published: 2023-03-17T14:53:18

Updated: 2023-03-17T14:53:25

Pokemon Go Intentionally tanking players Go Battle League There are ranks to encourage Niantic Change the system of rewards so that they are able to compete just like everyone else.

For The past weeks have been quite hectic. Pokemon Go Players have noticed an increase in the number of trainers who are intently losing Go Battle League matches. This Practice is known as tanking. It allows higher-skilled players to play with lower-skilled opponents to help them win.

However, winning isn’t the only incentive. Players You are awarded for how many matches you win consecutively, which is a bonus. So So much, in fact that many players share their rewards with the Internet.

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But playing against easy opponents has grown stale for some rank tankers, and players who want a challenge but don’t want to lose out on rewards are begging Niantic To make serious improvements.

Rank Tankers Want to make big changes? Pokemon Go Battle League

One RobertDaleYa, an anonymous user Pokemon Go Battle League Posted to the rank tanker TheSilphRoad subreddit is asking for community opinions Niantic Could be changed to discourage Rank Tanking.

“Is it safe to say the spirit of pvp is lost entirely with this sort of setup?” they asked before proposing the question of what could be fixed.

The Comments were filled with suggestions to improve the situation. Pokemon Go Battle LeagueMost of these ideas are ones that players have been having for many seasons. The Most commonly, these suggestions were agreed upon. Battle Points Higher-ranking players will receive better rewards

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Another On behalf of TheSilphRoad, UunikanaThis lengthy post explains how to do it. Battle Points Could work.

As It stands. Pokemon Go Battle League No matter what rank a participant holds, they all receive the same reward. The way they earn rewards is by winning battles, regardless of their opponent’s skill level. So There is no incentive at the moment to fight more difficult players.

The Proposed BP system allows players to receive more rewards when they fight and participate in difficult battles. Not It would also discourage players Rank Tanking Since the incentive would be eliminated.

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