Pokémon GO prepares to launch one of the community's favorite memes

Pokémon GO prepares to launch one of the community's favorite memes

If you are a Pokemon GO player, you know that Niantic loves to put hats and other accessories on the head of the 'pocket monsters'. When the birthday of the game is celebrated, there we see Pikachu with a festive hat.

One thing that has always been asked by the community, as a joke, is that Niantic would release a version of Wurmple with a festive hat. According to what was discovered in shared files on The Silph Road, this is about to happen.

Given that this festive Wurmple is already available in these files, it is very likely to be released in the near future. My bet is for a new year release from 2019 to 2020.

Niantic put Party Hat Wurmple on loading screen in 2018

Remember that Party Hat Wurmple appeared on the new year's screen in early 2018 on Pokémon GO. At the time it was only illustrative, but in fact it eventually became iconic in the community.

Given that it is a simple bug, it has given rise to several honors in drawings of the game's most dedicated fans. This has made it a real meme with this community.

Wobbuffett and Raticate will also have a festive version.

According to the files found, Wurmple will not be the only one to receive a festive hat. In addition, a festive version of Wobuffett and Raticate will also be available.

Festive Wurmple Templates Found

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