Pokemon Go Players boycott the game because of nerfs Remote Raids Price Increases

Published: 2023-03-31T05:33:34

Updated: 2023-03-31T05:33:43

Pokemon Go After the incident, players boycotted the game. Niantic Announced nerfs Remote Raids they have significantly increased their value.

Pokemon Go The announcement of major changes was made 24 hours ago and has received a host of critics. Niantic, the game’s developers, announced they will be nerfing Remote Raids The prices for the passes will rise. 

Prior According to this confirmation, the information about the changes had already been leak back in February 2023. HoweverHowever, this is the moment it's at Niantic Officially, the switch was made. As As a result, many players don't like the new changes. Community members claim that they are detrimental to rural players as well as players with disabilities. 

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Pokemon Go Players want to stop playing the game. Remote Raid Changes

ConsequentlyPlayers are boycotting the game now, and not because of the nerfs. Remote RaidsHowever, this is due to the substantial increase in costs for Remote Raid Passes. 

The new Reddit The thread has gained much momentum quickly and is now calling for the Pokemon Go The community is asked to stop playing the game during the week that follows the update. 

The post criticized them, saying, “we’re all aware of the predatory monetization schemes in the game shop with overpriced boxes and items.” it continues, “and the greediness of the corporation grows as a result.”

The Post writes that it is easy to join the boycott. 

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  • For You can't use your or buy anything for one week after you have made the changes. Remote/Premium Raid Passes
  • Do You can do as many raids in-preson as usual, but you want to ensure that there are no increases
  • Spread Spread the word and tell others about the changes. 

They According to the protestors, the aim of the boycott was to stop people from showing up. Niantic That the community will suffer the consequences of this change. Writing in the post, “the only language corporations understand is money; if there’s a visible decrease for a week after the change, we’ve made our point.”

The According to the poster, boycott applies only to those who want the game not removed from their devices. And Many comments point out that the best way for a player to be boycotted is to remove it completely. 

As Right now Nianitic They have no intention to reverse the decision, and angered citizens are still fighting for their rights. 

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