Home Gaming Pokémon Go: Man Caught by Police Playing with 8 Smartphones in Car

Pokémon Go: Man Caught by Police Playing with 8 Smartphones in Car

Pokémon Go: Man Caught by Police Playing with 8 Smartphones in Car

Pokémon Go no longer has the impact of video games for a few years, but it remains one of the most popular games in the world. Proof of this is the number of unusual stories that continue to reach us.

The latest arrives from the United States, where a man was caught playing Pokémon Go on 8 smartphones at the same time in his car!

Pokémon Go 8 smartphones

Police were incredulous with the situation, but did not fine the 'coach'

After seeing the car parked on the side of a busy road, Agent Rick Johnson decided to find out why the car was standing there. To his surprise, the driver was playing Pokémon Go on 8 different smartphones at the same time!

To keep everything in order, the man used a perfectly cut foam board to accommodate each of the smartphones. As you can see in the picture, the hardcore 'trainer' was in the middle of a raid (with himself …) to catch the popular Rayquaza, which for many could be considered an emergency.

Although the police asked the driver to drive and put their smartphones in the back seat, he was not fined. All because, was not seen to use smartphones while driving.

Pokémon Go continues to create unusual situations around the world

This is probably the game that most unusual situations have caused over time. Unfortunately, many of them turned out to be dangerous events, which often had very serious consequences.

Everyone is free to pursue their favorite activities, but it is important to keep your 'feet firmly on the ground'. We cannot let a simple hobby endanger our physical integrity or those around us.

In this particular case, even though I was not seen using smartphones while driving, it is obvious that while I was traveling, I kept my attention focused on the 8 smartphones. Otherwise, I couldn't know when to stop the car to seize the opportunity.

Certainly this will not be the safest way to play Pokémon Go.

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