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Pokémon Go Fest: Too much expectation, too poor execution

Pokémon Go Fest

The Pokémon Go Fest event, which took place on July 22, fell short of fans' expectations of the summer 2016 sensation game. Niantic could not cope with the massive grip it had that day, unable to respond to the match. of the event requirement.

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However, the game's producer has already announced that it will reward the coaches who attended the event. All is not lost, quite the contrary indeed!

The Pokémon Go Fest controversy

There were about twenty thousand people who showed up at Chicago’s Grant Park to join the first major world event of Pokémon Go. But not everything went smoothly. With so many people connected to the game, the servers became weak, leaving most of the time idle, which led to the public's unease.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go is still very lucrative. Credit: Niantic

Having been promised a variety of special prizes that day for the participants, several traveled to Chicago to attend the big Pokémon Go Fest event.

Trainers could, in this event, catch a lot of Pokémon, take part in team challenges and, most interesting of all, play with trainers around the world. Something a lot of people were waiting for.

That said, and with server issues, coaches most of the day couldn't even play, some didn't even Login and those who did, the game froze within seconds.

To compensate Pokémon Go Fest participants, Niantic will refund your ticket value in PokéCoins.

After all these problems, Niantic could not make its players unhappy and announced that it will, for those who purchased tickets for the event, refund players with $ 100 in cash. PokéCoins.

Better than that, everyone attending the event will have the legendary Lugia added to their Pokémon, which is the first legendary to be added to the game.

Despite the major flaw in organizing the event, Niantic has made every effort to compensate its fans. Is it enough?

For those who, despite the fact that they still want to participate in a Pokémon Go event, will have to wait for more announcements from Niantic. The studio that should invest in a better organization and methodology to match its legion of fans, the coaches.

By Contributor: Marco Duarte

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