Pokemon Go Bug causes players to fail instantly Shadow Regice Meet

Published: 2023-03-28T20:17:18

Updated: 2023-03-28T20:17:28

Pokemon Go A glitch prevented one player from catching the ball Shadow Regice – or even attempt the encounter – in the game’s recent event after defeating Giovanni.

The Ice-type Regice One member of Generation III’s Legendary titan trio Regirock And Registeel. The Generation VIII Games added later Regieleki And Regidrago To the group of Legendary Pokemon.

Regice They were a obtainable Pokemon During the second half of Pokemon Go’s March 2023 Let’s Go EventIt is a new way to be a Shadow Pokemon In Team Rocket Boss Giovanni’s party. While Trainers unlock doors Regice By beating GiovanniIt is the Legendary Pokemon One player did not show up.

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How one Pokemon Go The player was unable to catch the ball. Shadow Regice

Regice in Pokemon GoNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Reddit User ItThe following is a dismal screenshot posted by sLIX89 Pokemon Go subreddit. As As seen in this image ItsLIX89 was defeated GiovanniHowever, the issue was caused by an in-game bug Pokeball screen not to have the “OK” button. Therefore, they couldn’t catch Shadow Regice.

Instead Of Shadow Regice, ItsLIX89 was awarded the standard prize of beating the Team Rocket Boss. Those Four included Max Revives, eight Max PotionsAnd 5000 Stardust.

Trainers In the comments ItTo battle, use sLIX89 Giovanni Again, at Pokestop. HoweverUnlucky players faced Giovanni By using a Team Rocket balloon. Since The balloon timer was exhausted. ItsLIX89 couldn't reencounter Shadow Regice.

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Beanswell recommended that the user contact Niantic Support for the battle Giovanni again. “If I’m not wrong, Niantic will provide you with another opportunity to interact Giovanni To get the Shadow Regice as long as you contact them about the issue,” the helpful trainer wrote. “I have heard of it happening before.”

“This This happened once to me Shadow Latios It was possible to send an email (I believe), Niantic about it,” plague 96 said. “After They gave me some information about my situation and I was given another. Super Radar.”

Consequently, ItSLIX89 has sent a bug-report to Niantic After failing to contact an actual person. It’s undetermined if they will gain access to another chance to defeat Giovanni.

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