Another EBox Podcast arrived. We were already longing to talk a little about the technological news. So this week we took a look at the new Xiaomi Pocophone, the world of tablets with 10 years of iPad and smartwatches.

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The new Pocophone smartphones

Poco is about to re-enter the smartphone market with 3 options. Rumors speak of Poco X2, F2 and F2 Lite. But will the brand create the same impact as in 2018 with its first device?

Pocophone X2

The iPad turns 10

Apple iPad

You can believe that it was 10 years ago that Steve Jobs introduced the first iPad. Now, a decade later, tablets no longer have the same impact either in the early years and manufacturers continue to believe that the product will replace the PC. Really?

The past and future of smartwatches


This is a guaranteed interesting conversation when we get here. We took a look at the options on the market and the impact of smartwatches on the market. More and more we see brands entering this segment, but what will be their future? We try to guess!