Podcast 245: Galaxy Note 10 Pro, Pixel 4, and Google Stadia

Podcast 245: Galaxy Note 10 Pro, Pixel 4, and Google Stadia

The time has come for another EBox Podcast. The podcast meets every week to talk about the most technologically relevant things.

This week is no different. Therefore, you can follow the program in the video below today at 21.30h. As always, the themes will be interesting and we want your feedback in the comments. To comment you just have to go here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro

Wasn't the range "Note" already Pro? After all it looks like we'll have more than one terminal in the pipeline. Rumor has it that the Note will be entitled to a "Pro" model. Bigger with more cameras and more capacities. But to what extent is the market ready for it?

Pixel 4

The first images of Google Pixel 4 promises a different smartphone. One rear camera and one front camera. A seriously inspired design on the front of the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. We speak, of course, due to the cut in screen for the cameras. But is this really the future smartphone from Google?

Google Stadia

Google's gaming service was unveiled in detail this week. UK has passed again but the service promises. Priced at € 9.99, players will have access to a huge, hardware-free bookstore. How far is this future gaming?

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