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OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T are already receiving the new OxygenOS 5.0.3

Chinese technology company has begun distributing a new Android system update to devices Oneplus 3 and...

Honor 20 Pro: New Image Reveals Hole on Screen

The new images leave no doubt about the look of the Honor 20 Pro. Like its...

AMD and Bethesda Announce Partnership at Game Developers Conference

It was this week that at the "Game Developers Conference" AMD and Bethesda - known for...

Why is Wandavision now Scarlet Witch and Vision in UK?

Wandavision, one of the most anticipated series Since we heard about Wandavision It has undoubtedly been one of the projects that we have most eagerly...

Podcast 155: Unlike OnePlus, This Podcast Is Not a Replica

This is your weekly Podcast!

Today is Wednesday and if you are a lover of our Podcast you certainly know that the audio version has been available since yesterday. In this week's podcast there are many subjects, but as you saw by the title, one of the most important is OnePlus 5.

This super interesting and controversial title was given to us by João Gomes, a live viewer on Monday's Podcast. As we do the live podcast every Monday, we asked the folks who were there to give us podcast title ideas, and John's podcast simply describes the main theme of our conversation.

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Most of all, and before we get OnePlus fans falling hard, listen to the Podcast. OnePlus 5 has been seriously addressed, criticized and praised, so there's no reason to dump fan boy anger in this article! 🙂

In addition to the OnePlus, we also talk about the recently presented LG G6 +, we took a leap in Nokia and in the possible Samsung Galaxy Note FE and Galaxy Note 8

This podcast is also brought to you thanks to our Super Chat patrons that help us monetarily improve our content every day. A huge thank you to Daniel Pinto (£ 5), Carlos Freitas (£ 2) and narutoDlufy (2 €).

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We believe your investment is made because they believe and identify with our work, so we can guarantee that we will not take that belief lightly and will do our best to constantly improve our content.

We can boast that we have ONE followers and you are the soul that takes this project further.

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Subjects mentioned:

Samsung Galaxy Note FE will be more powerful than new tops

Galaxy Note 8: Biometric reader is causing screen brightness issues

One Plus 5: The History of Construction and Smartphone Details

HMD Global cancels Nokia 9 model with 4GB RAM

LG introduces the new LG G6 + with well-enhanced features!

Nokia 3 and Nokia 3310 arrive next week at NOS

Roaming in Europe is Over – What Costs Can We Feel?

IPVanish Best VPN For IPTV & Kodi 2019! Stop Letting Your Internet Service Provider Track & Record Your Online Activity. Find Out More Get a License You may also like Did you miss this?

Latest Posts

After rumors and failures, it seems that LG is considering stopping making phones

A business that plummeted Gone was the wonderful LG G2 that so many users fell in love back in 2013. After this magnificent terminal, the...

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 arrive in February: price will be aggressive

In recent years, there is a line of smartphones that is the most recurrent among those...

Mercedes-Benz reveals electric SUV that will arrive in Europe at an attractive price!

Mercedes-Benz has finally lifted the veil over the compact crossover EQA, its new electric vehicle that...

No charger in the box? Revive your phone (and other gadgets) with these options

Why doesn't my phone come with a charger? This is one of the most repeated questions in recent months in the world of smartphones, especially...

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Are you waiting for 5G? South Korea is already developing 6G

In UK we are still waiting for 5G technology to become a reality. We already have...

The United States takes down DJI’s drones by including it in the Entity List

DJI loses height in the United States One of the biggest fears of what is today the best drone company in the world has come...

This Juggernaut bug in Warzone makes you invincible with infinite lives

An immortal Juggernaut If it was already difficult to end the life of the player carrying the juggernaut, with this bug it will be impossible...

Android: Video shows what Motorola Moto G7 will look like

The Motorola Moto G7 will be one of the next Android smartphones from the company led...

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S will bring on-screen biometric sensor and relevant changes

One of the smartphones anticipating your arrival is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. Xiaomi's new terminal...
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