Pocophone F2 already has a release date. But you won’t like a detail

Pocophone F2 already has a release date. But you won't like a detail

The Pocophone F1 was launched in August 2018, and fans of this device have long wanted to see a successful successor launched. According to an official Pocophone source, this will happen as early as next month. March.

The guarantee was left by Manmohan Chandolu, general manager of Poco in India. A bad news given by the executive is that Poco intends to establish itself first in the Indian market, and only then move on to international expansion.

Global launch will not be immediate

This means that although the (likely) Pocophone F2 will be released in March, we will not see an immediate global release, as it did with its beloved predecessor.

It is good to remember that earlier this year it was announced that Poco would become an independent brand from Xiaomi. As with Redmi, Poco will continue to use Xiaomi’s distribution channels, as well as its after-sales services.

Poco wants to focus on cost-effective smartphones

As you would expect, Chandolu says that Poco wants to focus on smartphones with a great cost-benefit ratio. The brand promises to bet on “high-end processors” and “a lot of RAM”. As you would expect, your devices will retain the MIUI redesigned by Poco.

After so much waiting for the Pocophone F2, it will be a disappointment for Western fans of the brand to see that the bet will be made only in India at an early stage. However, we hope that Poco can reach markets like ours in the very near future.

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