The Xiaomi Pocophone F1 was one of the most talked about in 2018 when it beat all expectations. Well, more than a year has passed without releases and Poco is preparing to reveal the Pocophone F2 to us.

The rumors have been objective. According to the information we will have 3 new models. The Xiaomi Pocophone F2, F2 Lite and X2. The X2 model should be a rebrand of the Redmi K30.

Poco confirms the Xiaomi Pocophone F2

The company confirmed on its Twitter profile that it is ready for “season 2” in its history. The video is inspiring and looks more like a small trailer of a fictional film.

An open letter to all brand lovers

The brand also launched an open letter to all lovers of the company and its products to promise more and better. The company said that there is a lot to improve on and that they are willing to do so.

Without forgetting the mistakes of the past, the carte pointed out that the company has few resources but that it works day and night to make a difference.

We will have more information soon

Xiaomi Poco

At the end of the open letter to Poco, he said that tomorrow we will have more information about what is coming. Hopefully it will be the reveal date for the Xiaomi Pocophone F2 and all other equipment.

It remains to be seen whether the brand’s smartphones will arrive in UK through official Xiaomi stores. Everything indicates that yes, even because Xiaomi wants the success of Poco as much as the fans. Let’s see what happens.

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