From this Tuesday you will be able to see what 2019 looked like on your PlayStation console. As with services like Spotify, you can now access some statistics from your gaming life on the Sony console.

Entering the link that PlayStation UK provides below, you immediately have access to the different game numbers you played, and how many hours you spent playing the top three titles.

You are revealed what your main game genre is, as well as the numbers inherent in it. That is, how many games of this genre have you played, how many trophies have you won and how many hours have you spent playing this genre.

Summary shows you how many hours you played throughout the year

At the next level do not be scared as you will have access to your total hours of play throughout the year. You’ll know how many days you’ve been clinging to the console, and you’ll see these hours broken down by local game on PS VR and online. You’ll also know when your longest gaming session was. This level does not end without knowing your favorite time of week to play.

You’ll get access to the number of trophies won, and in the end some PS Plus stats. You’ll be welcomed with a theme and avatar from the 2019 PlayStation summary.

After many hours of fun, this is certainly a summary that you will enjoy knowing. Play a lot or a little, focus on one game or several, it will always be interesting information to share with your friends who share the same passion as you – gaming.

See your summary of 2019 on PlayStation

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