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Security flaw in Wi-Fi affects several Android and iOS devices. Know if yours is on the list

Security company ESET has just published the discovery of a new flaw in the Wi-Fi chips...

Bq Aquaris X Review | The perfect "Google Pixel Lite"

The Bq Aquaris X and Aquaris X Pro were announced by the Spanish brand this year...

Realme Band is official. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 take care

After a long wait, the Realme Band was officially unveiled this morning in India. This is...

"Mine is smaller than yours" – Android makers have no ideas

Before I start casking in everything Android manufacturer, let me praise the work of brands that...

PlayStation continues to have revenues burned by Sony smartphones

Sony remains one of the most popular technology companies globally. However, its various ramifications continue to yield distinct results. On the one hand we have the division gaming, which continues to bring in millionaire revenue. On the other hand, we have the division mobile, which continues to burn those same recipes.

This is not a new scenario, but certainly that the Japanese giant wished it had already managed to bridge the great debacle of their smartphones. Most likely, the manufacturer's latest hopes are pinned on the Sony Xperia XZ4.

Sony PlayStation Smartphones

The latest financial report published by Sony confirms this, Sony PlayStation 4 continues to earn several million euros per semester. While the smartphone portfolio continues to show millions of euros at a loss.

Will Sony smartphones have salvation?

Looking at the numbers for the last quarter of 2018, the division mobile Sony reported a loss of around EUR 123 million. The fact that this was the best quarter of 2018 confirms the poor condition of your smartphone business.

Sony smartphones are no longer able to compete side by side with their competition. Now, we are about to see the Xperia XZ4 coming, which promises to try to innovate in various segments.

I remind you that it will come with a seriously 'stretched' screen in a 21: 9 aspect ratio. In addition, it has been revealed that his performance will put him on top of today's most powerful Android smartphones. Finally, the latest rumors have revealed that it could come with a 52 megapixel rear camera.

Sony Xperia XZ4 52 megapixel

Sony PlayStation 4 continues to earn millions, but smartphones continue to burn money …

While smartphone sales continue to fall short of expectations, PS4 sales continue to generate many millions every semester. In the last half of 2018 alone, they managed to raise more than 580 million euros in revenue.

In addition, game sales increased by more than 25% compared to 2017 figures. Another of the division's major investments gaming of the company was in its online subscription, PS Plus, which already has over 36 million subscribers.

Finally, I recall that Sony is still developing a new service streaming – PlayStation Now. It will soon (hopefully …) let you play the most popular PlayStation titles even on a PC.

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