Playstation claims we misunderstand the name of the command button 'X'

Playstation claims we misunderstand the name of the command button 'X'

The controversy appeared on the social networks of the console of Sony. Playstation UK has shared a Twitter post where it reveals that we have been saying the name of one of the buttons on your controller the wrong way.

What do you name the button below the top four in Dualshock? Most likely, like me, you've always called it "Xis." According to the company, the correct name of this button is "Cross".

According to Playstation calling this button "Xis" is wrong. So, as the company reveals, we must say: Triangle, Circle, Cross and Square. However, that is not what 81% of users think.

81% of users say "Xis". Only 8% say "cross"

In a Twitter poll of Playstation UK, 135,000 people responded. 81% of users also thought that "xis" was the correct term. Only 8% said they used the expression "cross".

The truth is, judging by the comments in the post, many users even use the term "ball" to refer to the circle. However, circle is the most accepted term by the community.

The truth is that this is another topic to generate discussion among users. After all these years of playing Playstation it will be hard for many to get used to saying 'pass the ball is on the cross', but Sony knows that.

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