PlayStation changes its slogan and confirms the first of the rumors leaked on PS5

PlayStation changes its slogan and confirms the first of the rumors leaked on PS5

It’s time to play

Slogan ps5

If with the premiere of PS4 Playstation inaugurated the slogan “This is For The Players”(Which later would remain as For the players”), It seems that the brand has already begun its process of evolution towards the new generation by changing the phrase that ends each of the promotional videos it publishes.

That is the conclusion we can draw if we take a look at the official profile of Playstation Europe on Twitter, where we can see how the phrase that remained until now has been changed to a striking and attractive “It’s time to play” This phrase could be like a simple slogan that entered as a refreshment, possibly to welcome the new PlayStation 5, but believe it or not, the thing gets even more interesting.

The PlayStation 5 features

PlayStation Background

The phrase It’s time to play would not call us so much attention if it weren’t because we could read it a few days ago in a thread 4chan There, an anonymous user (how could it be otherwise), claimed to have a list of confirmed features of the new Sony console, a list that ended with the following information: “The slogan of PS5 is It’s time to play.” Have your hairs bristled?

The thread, which was already deleted and has disappeared from 4chan, pointed out that Sony will hold an event on February 5 to present its console, and the launch date would be none other than the month of October, almost coinciding, both presentation as launch, with the birth of PS4.

As if that were not enough, the information ensures that the console will be priced at $ 499, and will come accompanied from day one of games like Gran Turismo 7, MLB The Show 21, the remastering of Demon’s Souls Y Legends, which will be the new title of Sony Santa Monica Studio.

In addition, in the February event new games will be known as the aftermath of Horizon: Zero Dawn and of Spider-man, a new title from Naughty Dog, another from SIE Japan, another from London Studio, Final Fantasy XVI and a new Resident Evil.

But what about the technical characteristics? Although no data is specified, it is said that the console will be very even with Xbox Series X, although slightly below in a matter of Teraflops (10 instead of 12).

As you can see, the information was quite complete, but taking into account the many details and how optimistic the game catalog was presented, everything seemed to point to a weak rumor and without too much base. However, now that Sony has started using the filtered slogan, everything changes completely, so we have no choice but to count the days until the next day 5 and see if we will finally leave doubts. And now that we know that Sony will not go to E3, we have no choice but to dream about a nearby event.


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