PlayStation 5 is scheduled for release later this year. But the truth is that besides your logo, there are very few details already known about the next Sony console.

That may be about to change, as Sony just registered the PS5 trademark in Switzerland. This means that the Japanese manufacturer is ready to show us more than the console logo very soon.

The discovery of this trademark registration was made by the Let’s Go Digital website, as you can see in the image below. It now remains to be seen when the event will take place where we learn about the design and possible details of the PlayStation 5.

Sony registers ‘PS5’ brand in Europe. Credit: Let’s Go Digital

Presentation may take place on February 29

It is good to remember that there are still few reports that Sony had scheduled a private event at Sony Hall for February 29th. This would mean that we would still have to wait another month to get to know the console.

We must bear in mind that at this time each rumor must be analyzed carefully. O hype around PS5 is quite a lot, and it is normal for false information to proliferate over that Internet outside.

After we already know what the design of the Xbox Series X will look like, video game fans still have great anxiety about what Sony’s next generation console will look like. We will no longer have to wait long to find out.

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