Who says it is Sony itself. As expected, the future PlayStation 5 will be more powerful than its predecessor. But according to the company that produces it, it goes so powerful that it is about 100 times faster than PS4.

In an official document found by LadBible, Sony talks about the evolution of “speed” on its next generation console. And processing speeds promise to surprise players from around the world.

PS5 will be 100 times faster than PS4 in processing. Credit: Sony

“In order to further improve the sense of immersion in the games, we hope to improve not only the resolution, but also the speed of the games”, reads the published document.

“For example, through a custom high-speed SSD, we plan to have game data processing speeds about 100 times faster than PS4,” they say.

This means that, as expected, the game load should be much less. In addition, players will be able to move through multiple “worlds” almost instantly.

You should note that the PlayStation 5 SSD will use the NVMe standard. In practice, this will allow you to read 5.5 GB per second. In compression it will even be able to reach 9 GB per second.

PlayStation 5
DualSense controller and PS5 concept

One of the most interesting points about PS5 is that we should practically avoid the classic video screens loading. This will make you spend a lot less time on expendable parts, and spend more time doing what is important: playing.

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