PlayStation 5: These images can show what the next console will look like

PlayStation 5: These images can show what the next console will look like

The PlayStation 5 is expected to arrive officially this year. Rumors have been constant, both in terms of specifications and design.

Past images showed the design given to the console by Sony to all developers. I have already mentioned that it is unlikely that it will reach the end consumer because it has a design that is too different from its predecessors.

PlayStation 5 concept shows possible design

PlayStation 5

Graphic designer "Crimson Nocturne" has given us some images that may well be identical to Sony's upcoming console. We have minimalist lines that will let the console lie or stand without losing style.

PlayStation 5

We still have a huge ventilation grille. If rumors are right about its specs, this PlayStation 5 will feature serious capabilities. This means that you must have quality cooling.

PlayStation 5

Finally, we can see that in the concept designed by the designer we have no USB ports for the commands. This is where I believe the PlayStation 5 should be different. Sony is expected to unveil commands with USB-C ports and are identical in design to their predecessors. They will be wireless, however, should have the possibility of wired connection to it.

It's time to be sure about PS5

PlayStation 5

We are just less than a year from its official release. So I don't think Sony feels able to keep all the secrets until its presentation.

This console will shake the market and, according to past information, will reach the final consumer in 2021 with values ​​around 500 €. With strong competition from Microsoft, Nintendo and now Google Stadia, PlayStation 5 will have to conquer and if the console is like these images, already won me.

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