Sony is one of the missing companies in the mobile world, but it is also one of the most popular in consoles. The excitement around PlayStation 5 is proof of that.

We have said it several times that the Japanese brand is losing in the smartphone market because it wants to. After all, you can reconcile the consoles with mobile phones in a much simpler way than other competitors. Apparently that’s what you will do.

A Sony smartphone running PlayStation 5 games


New rumors indicate that Sony is working on a smartphone that will be able to run PlayStation 5 games. That is, if it is identical to what Google is doing with Stadia, you can start playing on your console and continue. the game on your smartphone.

While smartphones are not as powerful as a console, if PlayStation can reconcile PlayStation 5 games in the cloud, it is entirely plausible that this could happen. Still, it is worth noting that there will be difficulties in the beginning.

5G technology is gold for this kind of feature

5G technology promises fast speeds via mobile internet and a well below average PING. This means that we are about to have a revolution in mobile gaming.

What is the best gadget to keep up with this revolution? Exactly! The smartphone Since Sony manages to have both, with extreme quality, it goes without saying that the manufacturer is one step ahead of the competition.

However, we have to take these rumors with a pinch of salt. After all we are used to Sony being able to ruin everything at the last moment. The failure of their smartphones and the lack of innovation in this same sector is an example of this.

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