PlayStation 5: ‘scalpers’ make absurd profits with the new console

Scalpers buy several PS5 units to sell above the recommended price

This November, PlayStation 5 was finally launched. The new generation console from Sony suffered greatly from the lack of units available in the face of great demand, and this gave rise to high levels of “scalping”.

So-called “scalpers” bought one or more PS5 units in pre-order, anticipating the lack of units at launch. Their purpose is simple: to sell the console above the price recommended by the brand, and profit from it.

“Scalpers” make over 15.6 million euros from PS5 sales on eBay

According to data from engineer Michael Driscoll, on eBay alone the various “scalpers” will have already made around 28 million euros in console sales. Something that ends up resulting in a profit of 15.6 million. This means that they sell, on average, close to twice the recommended selling price.

Scalpers buy several PS5 units to sell above the recommended price
‘Scalpers’ buy multiple PS5 units to sell above recommended price

The same survey states that the PS5 Digital Edition turns out to be the model most exploited by “profiteers”. This is because it is often found for sale over 350% in addition to its normal price of € 399 (see chart below).

Average PS5 price on eBay ‘scalping’. Image: Michael Driscoll

Despite the many warnings and news on the subject, the worst desires of the players are confirmed. The desire to have the console is much greater than the love for the wallet, and the “scalping” of the PS5 turns out to be very profitable.

According to the data, 7322 units of the PS5 Digital Edition have been sold on eBay, and 25 642 units of the disc version. And prices easily reach € 1000 in the case of the first, or € 1100 in the case of the second.

Something that must be taken into account is that this data is only related to one platform: eBay. The scalping market is much larger, and is exploited on many platforms like our well-known OLX.

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