The Sony PlayStation 5 is a console that is giving a talk. After the tremendous success of its predecessor, Sony believes that this new PS5 may have the same degree of interest.

Well, after many rumors and leaks, Sony confirmed the launch of the PlayStation 5 for the 2020 festivities. In other words, start saving to buy the new console later this year.

Sony PlayStation 5 will arrive in late 2020

Sony PlayStation 5

The official website (which you can see here) does not tell us much, it is true. However, we have the confirmation that we were all looking forward to. The new console already has arrival dates on the market.

Therefore, we only have to know when the new PS5 will be officially presented. This is because Sony is expected to unveil the console and only start the launch later.

Rumors said that presentation would be this month

Past rumors said the new PlayStation would be officially revealed to the public later this month. However, we are still waiting for official information from Sony.

One thing is certain, if the launch for stores is scheduled for the 2020 festivities it is only a matter of time before the brand reveals what its design and characteristics will be like.

Microsoft, Google and NVIDIA are strong competitors

Microsoft has already revealed a little of its new XBox, Google is gradually starting to gain prominence with Stadia and now NVIDIA has shown us the new Nvidia GeForce Now platform that allows you to play games on multiple devices and is based on the cloud. Better than that, this last service is free (with time limits). Let’s see what this is about. The truth is that gaming is increasingly competitive.

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