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PlayStation 5: New way to play multiplayer with one controller

PlayStation 5 is due to be revealed later this year and rumors have been rife. From its physical appearance to its potentialities in specifications.

Today we have new information that could revolutionize the way multiple players can interact in single-player games.

Playstation patent shows features

PlayStation 5
PlayStation Patent for Multiplayer – Let's Go Digital

The patent shows us how everything will work and I have to admit that it does not seem to me to be the most viable way. As informed, each player will be able to choose certain buttons for themselves on the command. Imagine, one player gets the joysticks, another with the side buttons and a third with the back buttons.

PlayStation 5
PlayStation Patent for Multiplayer – Let's Go Digital

Even though the game is for "single play", all 3 players will be able to control the same character with certain functions on each button.

Playing in person will not be the best solution

However, this feature should not be perfect for playing "in person". You have already imagined 3 people around a command. That is 6 hands trying to control the same character!

PlayStation 5

Instead, it is said that PlayStation will give you the ability to play with these features "each with your command". That is, you can be in your house and me in mine and we can control the same character with different keys and features.

An unorthodox solution

I personally believe that this solution is not very viable. Sony has the ability to do more and better. Control a player in multiplayer It seems a little bold and not fundamental.

Still, it's worth the wait and see. This patent is just that. Just a patent, nothing guarantees that it will arrive on PlayStation 5.

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