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Samsung launches 85 "inch 8K television with astronomical price

How much are you willing to pay for the latest scream of technology? Samsung's new 85...

Tesla Model X saves the driver’s life in a big accident! (video)

Despite the many criticisms that Tesla is constantly targeting for alleged "cuts" in the quality of...

Tokyo kart rides and Nintendo character dresses are over

Maricar will have to stop being the "Mario Kart" of real life Maricar, a company that was later renamed to Mari Mobility Development, is a...

Huawei will remain on the US blacklist. Biden maintains Trump veto

Huawei is a threat to the country's security. The statements were made by White House...

PlayStation 5 may be officially unveiled in the coming days! You see

The Sony Playstation 5 is one of the most anticipated consoles for this year. After many rumors and leaks, Sony has reason to be happy. That’s because I’ve never seen such enthusiasm for Sony’s products a few years ago.

PlayStation 5 will have direct competition from the new Xbox Series X that was also unveiled by Microsoft a few weeks ago. The same can happen with the new PS5.

January 7 may be the day we’ll see PlayStation 5 for the first time

Sony Playstation 5

Rumors have it that the PS5 will be officially unveiled at CES20 in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the largest technology fairs on the planet and one of the most technology fairs brings us.

Sony can seamlessly leverage every journalist in the world in one place to unveil the company’s most eager gadget by 2020. It would only be smart on your part.

The Asian company said in the CES forecast that “The future is coming. At CES 2020, Sony will present a unique vision of the future, bringing together creativity and technology like never before to unleash new sensations and emotions.

PS5 can just show the design as did Microsoft

Sony Playstation 5

Microsoft was clever in introducing the new Xbox Series X console. Instead of giving us all the specs and all that it can do, it just showed us the design (which you can see in this article). That is, it cut false rumors about the design of its console and revealed little more about its capabilities and specifications.

Sony may well do the same with the new PlayStation 5. Incidentally, I believe the brand just had to win. Brand and console fans (one here) are eager to know what the brand’s next ideology will be, and at this time console design has long been decided.

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