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PlayStation 5: Don't expect this great design for the next console!

PlayStation 5: Don't expect this great design for the next console!

A few days ago we showed a Sony patent that hinted that it could be for PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, I don't think this will happen. A pity I know!

There are several reasons why this may not be PlayStation 5, the biggest one being that it was reported right after the information leak that the console is a dev machine. That is a more powerful machine to help developers build their PlayStation products.

PlayStation 5

Design is seriously different from PlayStation line

But what intrigued me most is its design. We can argue whether we like it or not, what we can't argue is that this alleged PlayStation 5 is totally different from its predecessors. So I don't think this could be the next console.

PlayStation has always had a uniform design. Let's look at it as the "Apple" of consoles when it comes to design. Only PlayStation 2 has given us a totally different design from the previous ones. After that, we had design improvements. Slowly. This picture of the alleged PlayStation 5 is seriously different.

PlayStation 5

In addition, Sony already gives us the option of having the console lying down or upright for a few years. We have to admit that this design is not exactly ergonomic to stand up. That is, it escapes the standard of PlayStation.

PlayStation 5 promises more power than ever

Above all, I believe Sony wants to give us more power than design. In its release I hope the console will get a little thicker than usual. Then after a while, as usual, we'll have a "slim"That is, a thinner and more elegant identical console.

I believe the focus of PlayStation will be performance. Especially because Google Stadia, XBox and Nintendo are starting to attack more and more. Gamers may even like design, but there is nothing they value more than good graphics and superior performance.

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