Home Gaming PlayStation 5: 2TB SSD with a price around 500 €! It promises

PlayStation 5: 2TB SSD with a price around 500 €! It promises

PlayStation 5: 2TB SSD with a price around 500 €! It promises

The latest information from PlayStation 5 begin to emerge. Now it is the turn of the "@PSErebus" leaker to mention some details of the future PlayStation console.

The PlayStation 5 is one of the most anticipated consoles of 2020 and rumors have been many so far. That's why it doesn't hurt to be left behind for some of the information revealed. This being one of them.

Leaker exposes PlayStation 5 details and pricing

Their information indicates that the PS5 the base model will come with 2TB SSD with a price of 499 €. This means that Sony's new console may well have a positive impact on the market.

We have to bear in mind that we are talking about the base model. So we can only imagine what the other options will be for the console.

Can PlayStation 5
Concept PlayStation 5

The truth is that "when the alms are a lot, the poor distrust". Right now I'm being a little "poor" in thought. We are talking about 2TB SSD.

To what extent will games for PlayStation be weighed to require such specifications? If we are talking about the base model, it is because PlayStation really needs this kind of hardware to make the console quick.

Competitors have a say

Microsoft's XBox is also preparing a new console, and Google Stadia just hit the market with an incredible offer. Stadia, unlike the others, won't need a hard hardware investment to play great graphics. Indeed, one Chromecast 60 € will do that.

We'll have to wait and see. I'm a PlayStation lover, but I have to admit that the possibilities of Google Stadia have fascinated and conquered me.

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