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Xiaomi Reveals Fantastic Price Portable Water Sprinkler (Video)

If you are looking for a water sprinkler to always walk with you, Xiaomi will soon...

This year’s Google I / O is canceled due to Coronavirus

This decision turns out not to be a surprise. The American company announced today that it...

PUBG Mobile 0.11: Everything New to Upgrade

PUBG Mobile is one of my favorite games. Even though lately I have given Garena Free...

Huawei P50 with Kirin processors remains a strong possibility

Huawei will already be thinking about its next P50 tops, which will be launched in the...

PlayStation 4: PUBG will finally stop being exclusive to Xbox One

Apparently, PUBG could soon be on PlayStation 4.

PUBG remains one of the most popular Battle Royale games today, having kicked off this style of play in March last year. In late 2017 it made its Xbox One debut as a console-only debut.

For this reason, to this day, PlayStation 4 gamers have not yet had the opportunity to delight in the popular game. However, it seems that everything is about to change, with a possible arrival of PUBG for PlayStation 4 very soon.

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There are not yet any official or even specific details about possible arrival dates. But, the PUBG rating for PS4 was spotted on a Korean site. This is not the first time information about new games has been published by the same source.

Given that Microsoft has reached an exclusive agreement for PUBG, it is very likely that this agreement was made for a duration of 1 year. That way, PlayerUnkown's Battleground will be able to reach Sony's console just in time for Christmas.

PUBG finally seems to be on its way to the PlayStation 4 console

There are several details that should only be clarified at the time of its release. For example, unlike Xbox One, PlayStation 4 doesn't allow the release of "unfinished" games.

If you remember, PUBG was only released as a final release on Xbox One on beginning of this month. Since its release for the console just under a year ago, the game has evolved greatly. Especially with respect to multiple resolution bugs and adding many new features.

PUBG Xbox One 6 4gnews PlayStation 4
PUBG will no longer be exclusive to Xbox One

With this impossibility of being released as version beta On PS4, it is virtually certain that it will be released immediately as the final release. Therefore, the standards with which it will be assessed will be much higher, and such a high level of bugs.

So another question that hangs in the air is whether the "Fix PUBG" campaign will also be expanded to Sony's gaming platform. I recall that this campaign aims to help find and fix game failures as soon as possible.

This is only the first indication of the arrival of the popular game on PlayStation 4. So it will be expected that more specific information will start to emerge over the coming weeks.

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