Play Star Wars Squadrons to another level with this controller

Play Star Wars Squadrons to another level with this controller

From Flight Simulator to Star Wars Squadrons

A few weeks ago Akaki Kuumeri surprised us all by creating an ideal Joystick for Microsoft’s latest aircraft simulator, Flight Simulator. With this proposal, the gaming experience was improved by allowing it to be controlled by means of a joystick and not the analog sticks of the controller. Yes, they are not bad at all, but it is not as realistic as with a Joystick like the one pilots use in reality more or less.

Well, now go back to your old ways and by using a 3D printer create a new controller. The difference this time is who created it using the PS4 controller as a base and that it has two joysticks instead of one. Each of them connected to the two analog sticks of the gamepad.

Knowing this, basically the idea of ​​the control mechanism is the same. You only had to adapt it to the physical differences of each controller and duplicate it to have a lever connected to each analog control.

As you can see in the video, the new controller is very eye-catching and should indeed enhance the gaming experience. With two controllers and because of how the new Star Wars title is played, the way it would be played is much more striking. In addition, you will not only be able to interact with the analog sticks, but also with the triggers of the PS4 controller itself.

Finally, although the design shown is for the PlayStation 4 gamepad there is also alternatives for Xbox 360 controller and Nintendo Switch Pro. The only thing is that there are certain differences in terms of being able to use the triggers or not, but Kuumeri has already indicated that if there is interest he would work on an improved version to add this option.

How to create your controller for Star Wars Squadrons

To create this new controller designed by Akaki Kuumeri, all you will need again is a 3D printer. A product that seeing this and other 3D printing projects, such as the one that makes it possible to convert Apple’s iSight into a renewed webcam thanks to a Raspberry Pi, is going to be increasingly in demand.

You can even take advantage of an interesting offer that may appear. Here you can find the best Prime Day 2020 deals. So stay tuned. But back to the important thing, the files for this HOTAS controller (hands on throttle-and-stick) in its PS4 version can be downloaded from this Thingverse link. And if you are looking for the alternative version for the Xbox 360 controller and for the Nintendo Switch Pro as well.


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