Play Next: next to what you could play

There are decisions that cost more than others and choosing which game will be the next one that you will dedicate hours should not be complicated. But with so many platforms, broader and broader catalogs and the rest of the existing entertainment offer it is hard to decide if you are going to play and also what you will play.

Play Next is what’s new in Vale is working, a development that is taking place in the laboratories of Steam and you can try it despite not being a definitive version. But what exactly is it and how does it work?

Play Next makes use of the same technology that is used for interactive platform recommendations. The difference is that this time it applies to each user’s Steam library and, based on certain parameters and a new algorithm that chooses comparable games, Select three titles to play next.

That selection, being for now in the testing phase is not one hundred percent accurate and it may be that among the proposals there are games that have little or nothing to do with each other. Of course, whether or not the selection convinces you, you can give it a new suggestion and the process would be repeated.

An interesting solution for large libraries

Today it is very easy to end hundreds of games halfway through or even without spending a minute on them. Among Steam’s recurring offers, the “Humble Bundle” of shifts, the games that give the rest of the platforms free of charge from time to time, etc., accumulate a large number of games and fall into that Digital diogenes It is very simple.

This Steam proposal for the casual player and with very specific tastes will not be interesting. But the one who is able to enjoy a platform game as well as a shooter or sports game in the same way will appreciate it, also the one who has a good number of games in your library.

The good or interesting thing is that it was not something exclusive for Steam, although if it is Valve who develops it, it is logical that it should be so. Because the player who only makes use of a single platform or catalog is already rare. So it would be nice to have a service that could collect all the games we have on different platforms, game times and use those same algorithms to make recommendations.

For example, the same applied to GOG Galaxy could be very interesting. Still, we must first see how Steam works. And if you want to try something similar, a recommender based on your preferences, you can try We Score Games.