As Coronavirus continues to infect more people and be responsible for more deadly cases, interest in the evolution patterns of this type of virus has made the game Plague Inc. once again dominate the top most downloaded games for iOS.

Although the same did not happen with its version for Android, Plague Inc. dominates the top of premium games from practically all countries, including UK. This game, launched 8 years ago, gives players the opportunity to “manage” the evolution of a virus with the main objective of exterminating the entire world population.

Plague Inc

Studio responsible for Plague Inc. has already alerted all players!

Considering the exponential increase in its popularity, Ied Ndemic has already published an official statement warning players that Plague Inc is just a game. They emphasize the importance of not using it for information on how to guarantee your security in the face of the current threat of the Coronavirus.

Although developed in order to be able to inform and educate its players in the most realistic way possible about the most serious viruses in the real world, it should be used only for entertainment and also for educational use. In an interview given to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) in 2013, the studio revealed that they were contacted several times by teachers, reporting that they used the game as a way to illustrate different situations to their students.

Plague Inc Coronavirus

Plague Inc. has “benefited” from such crises in the past

This is not the first time that a virus outbreak that threatens to go global causes a huge increase in sales of Plague Inc. In 2014, when the big problems related to the ebola virus, the number of downloads of the game also skyrocketed. impressive pace.

Although the studio managed to achieve results above expectations thanks to these negative events, it is important to emphasize that the company always acts actively in the battle against these viruses. In addition, Ied Ndemic is a constant supporter of several global health organizations.

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