PiSight, the webcam created with a Raspberry Pi and Apple’s iSight

PiSight, the webcam created with a Raspberry Pi and Apple's iSight

PiSight, the webcam you want on your computer

Apple’s iSight has been for many one of the best designed products by the company. A webcam that once was all a revolution for aesthetics and also for image quality. Thanks to its Firewire connection it offered greater data transfer and that translated into a much more fluid video.

The problem is that Apple did not keep updating it and when the rest of the manufacturers began to launch models with higher resolution and capabilities, it stopped making sense. To this was added that the company itself began to add webcams to all its laptops, iMac and even its screens for those who use a Mac mini or Mac Pro.

However, there are those who still use the iSight as a webcam today. Of course, the updated to offer a higher image quality. How did you do it? Well, very easy, using a Pi Zero and the official camera for the Raspberry Pi. This is how the PiSight was born.

How to build your own PiSight

PiSight, Raspberry Pi plus iSight

If you liked the idea of ​​updating Apple iSights to have your own PiSight, this is all you will need. To start with, one of the Apple webcams, which you can get second-hand by searching eBay or other buying / selling platforms.

Once you have it, what you will also need is a Raspberry Pi Zero and its official camera. These two things are easy to get because in amazon the Raspberry Pi Zero only costs 26 euros and the official camera about 30 euros. The rest are a series of additional components that you can check out on the GitHub page created by Max Braun, the author of this project.

With all the materials and components in your possession, all you have to do is empty the inside of the Apple iSight and keep only what you will need: the outer casing. From there and with the use of a 3D printer you create a piece that will allow you to hold the Raspberry Pi Zero and its camera.


With all this done, all you need to do is install and configure the software that allows you to use the Raspberry Pi Zero as a webcam on any computer. To do this, you just have to follow the instructions that Max Braun also shares on his GitHub page. If you have done other projects with Raspberry Pi you will know that it is not something complicated.

Once done, you will not only have one of the coolest webcams, but also a device that improves video quality. Although for quality nothing better than using a camera from one of the manufacturers that offer support to use them as a webcam after installing its own Driver and the camera to a computer via USB.

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