PIGWEED can be the name of a new operating system from Google

Google Pigweed

It is no secret that Google is working on a new operating system. The company has already mentioned Fuchsia officially and is believed to be a replacement for the Android system.

However, today we have information of another name for a possible operating system. “Pigweed” is a strange name and would go unnoticed if it were not detected in place of “Fuchsia”.

Google has already registered the name of Pigweed

Google Pigweed

To make things even more interesting, Google has just registered the name with official entities. That is, it is something that is almost certain that we will see the light of day.

When it comes to patents, it’s one thing. Because it just means that the company has worked on a technology that is worth safeguarding. But registering a name is much more specific.

In other words, it is really believed that we will see this name soon referred to officially by Google. We don’t just know whether it will be a future replacement for Android or something else entirely.

Google conference can clarify

The Google conference is scheduled for May. We know that the company should officially reveal Android 11 at this conference. As usual.

However, it is at this conference that we also heard about new products, new ideas and new software. As such, Google is believed to keep the name well-kept for its Google I / O conference.

We need a new operating system

Google Pigweed

I am a lover of the Android system, however, I still think that we need a new operating system on the market. It’s time to standardize computers, tablets and smartphones in one system.

Microsoft is one of the companies that has already shown interest in creating something with this ideology. Google, with Fuchsia, has also said that was the goal. Hopefully, this utopia is about to arrive.

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