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Photoshop Camera: Know the Adobe Filter app

Photoshop Camera: Know the Adobe Filter app

Adobe recently announced Photoshop Camera, a camera app for Android, which is still awaiting launch at the Google Play Store. However, through the XDA Developers programming forum, there is an APK available in beta format.

If you want to try it, you can visit the XDA forum and install app. However, we warn you that the app is unstable and will not work at 100%. In addition, the Photoshop Camera only works from android 9.

Photoshop Camera seems to be a glorified filter gallery

Filters in Photoshop Camera are automatically selected by the artificial intelligence built into the app. Users will also be able to choose photo filters manually.

photoshop camera
Photoshop Camera Interface

For those who don't have Photoshop installed or want to see tutorials on YouTube, Photoshop Camera is the ideal app. You can take a photo and choose the desired effect / filter to add your personal stamp to the photo. The app also offers some bolder effects like "Starry Sky". This effect takes the existing sky and replaces it with an image of your choice.

photoshop camera

However, the app seems to have little more to offer the user. Coming from Adobe and bearing the name Photoshop, I would expect a more versatile and refined product. Who knows, until the final release they will be able to "spice up" the app more to make it more appealing.

Adobe obviously wants to get on social networks

Given the success of filters on apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, it's no wonder Adobe wants a slice of this market. Already a company recognized for its image change software, Photoshop Camera wants to be the app for those who use social networks a lot.

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