Virtual reality? Yes but no. No, but yes

Surely you will remember some statements from Spencer himself in which he assured that the VR sector was focused on a very specific niche. Well, rather he said that “nobody is interested in virtual reality,” so you can imagine how those interested in the virtual world took it. Time has confirmed that virtual reality needs certain improvements, but both the interest and the potential it offers is gigantic.

With that in mind, Phil Spencer’s good guy wanted to rectify, and he admitted that he “probably exaggerated.” At no time did he want to disrespect that community interested in the virtual viewersHe simply wanted to be frank with Xbox users, making it clear where the company’s vision is heading. “If someone expected to find a virtual reality viewer at the launch of Xbox Series X, I was just trying to say, we are not going to do that. ”

To all that he added that at no time will they look elsewhere regarding where things are going, however, for now, virtual reality does not enter into the plans. Of course, he has not hesitated to make it clear that at no time he expects it to disappear, moreover, he expects it to be large and relevant enough to have to support virtual reality irremediably. But for now, VR does not enter the equation.

Backward compatibility as standard

Xbox Series X

Although the product is not official and the console has not revealed all its features in full, Phil Spencer does not worry about hiding some details. For example, he has confirmed that he uses an Xbox Series X at home as the main device, so taking into account that his profile is public, we can know exactly what he is playing. And what game Phil Spencer? TO Xbox One games.

Has this information let you down? Actually, hide more than you would believe. The manager has clarified that he offers to try many of the current Xbox One games on his Xbox Series X, so that he can verify that they work correctly and there is no problem. As the list of games played is public, we just have to take a look to see how the compatibility list. As simple as that.

Such is the state of the console, that Phil can use it with total normality in the absence of the new games, so it would show that the platform is quite advanced and case finalized. He confirms that the interface runs a little faster and that there will be some interesting elements that will get our attention. In addition, he has not hesitated to presume that Destiny 2 loads faster in his console than in the rest, something that is basically due to new hardware, physical elements already installed (a simple SSD) that even without optimizing are already offering performance superior to the previous generation.