Home Social networks PGR confirms! Message that tried to scare pirated IPTV users is false

PGR confirms! Message that tried to scare pirated IPTV users is false

PGR confirms! Message that tried to scare pirated IPTV users is false

Earlier this month, reports emerged that some pirated IPTV users were receiving a message that tried to dissuade them from using that service. This message was allegedly from the Public Ministry and stated that the user could have legal problems.

Contacted by VOST, the Attorney General's Office says that such message is not true. Neither the Public Ministry nor the Judiciary Police are behind it.

The PGR communiqué reads: “Referring to the email referenced above, which deserved our greatest attention, I have the honor to inform you, that the Attorney General's Office is not aware of the issue of the communication whose copy was sent and to which it was used the letterhead of the Public Prosecutor's Office and, as it follows, also of the Judiciary Police. Therefore, it is not credible that the Judiciary Police would use letterhead from the Public Prosecutor's Office to issue any communication on behalf of that police entity, it may request this entity to provide identical information.. “

Message origin has always been doubtful

From the moment that such a message started to spread, its origin was one of the main issues. Although the presence of some insignia of high authorities of the State were there, their origin was not known.

IPTV message

It is now confirmed that the message that pirated IPTV users were receiving was never true. In other words, it was nothing more than a scheme to try to scare users.

If this scheme originated from any of the national operators, they may be in trouble because they use the name of the Public Prosecutor's Office without authorization. After all, it is Vodafone, MEO, NOS or NOWO who have the most to lose with this kind of pirated services.

Despite the clarification provided by the Attorney General's Office, nothing guarantees us that the competent entities are not really investigating these illegal practices. After all, it is an illegal service and there will be plenty of people interested in ending it.

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