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PETA wants to swap guns for cameras in Hunting Simulator 2

A game without weapons

Hunting Simulator 2

The game is quite real thanks to its graphics and gameplay, and that is something that some do not do too much. Like, for example, PETA. The well-known organization that fights for the ethical treatment of animals, has announced a statement in which it invites the CEBox of Nacon (Hunting Simulator’s developer company) to make some changes so that the game respects the freedom of animals.

The solution, to be exact, would be to replace all the masters of the game and the purpose of the game to offer cameras with telephoto lenses instead, so that the player would have to take pictures of the animals and obtain the best score with the better catches. Never better said.

According to PETA Vice President Mimi Bechechi, “Nacon must stop glorifying violence against animals by transforming Hunting Simulator 2 players into saviors and admirers of wildlife, swapping the weapons of the game for Canon cameras.”

The letter, which can be read on PETA’s French website, is written by PETA’s head of digital campaigns, Marie-Morgane Jeanneau, and is addressed to Nacon CEBox Alain Falc. Will this writing force the release of an animal friendly DLC? At the moment there is no response from the developers, so we will have to wait to see what happens.

The suffering of animals

Hunting Simulator 2

Should Nacon change the rules of his game? Does the title violate any law? Obviously the game is completely legal, however, it should not be overlooked that an activity such as hunting threatens the lives of many animals, and a simulator like this does nothing more than normalize the activity, which is widely rejected by many people in society. According to a British study, 11% of deer hunted were killed after receiving two or more shots, while those who died from wounds suffered for more than 15 minutes before passing away.

There will be views of all colors, but PETA’s proposal is on the table. What will happen?

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