Filming stopped … until when?

It is obvious that all the films in development are in the same situation, but when it comes to one so much awaited by us as this new Batman movie is, it is worth stopping and commenting on it, especially if this also It may end up causing changes to its premiere (already announced).

As you well know if you are closely following the project, the film started filming just a few weeks ago after many months of waiting and a great expectation around him. It is not for less. Batman will continue with the same aspect (well, more or less), but under his armor there will be a new actor in charge of giving life to Bruce Wayne. We talk about Robert Pattinson, famous for playing the vampire of Twilight and whose mission to embody the bat man was badly received by critics when his identity was revealed – you know, Christian Bale’s shadow is still very long.


With such eyes on, it was expected that we were all attentive to the beginning of recording, from which several photos that we showed you around here at the time were already leaked. Confirming your cancellation now (in principle everything was postponed two weeks waiting for a better situation, something that, as you know, has not happened) is quite a jug of cold water, especially since it makes us wonder how the date of premiere.

The new Batman movie is planned to summer 2021, on June 25 to be more exact, so there would still be room for movement, according to the specialized media, to be able to shoot, mount and end everything to march forced to respect the agenda. Everything will depend, of course, on how long the quarantine lasts in the different countries and how long it takes to reach a solution to the current pandemic of the coronavirus.

Cancellations across the industry

As we mentioned at the beginning, this is only one of the many slowdowns that are suffering in the world of cinema due to the pandemic. It is necessary to stay at home and avoid contact with other people so as not to further expand the COVID-19 And that goes through also canceling attendance at many jobs, including those related to the filming or production of movies and series.

The fact that the Batman movie still has such a long release date helps in a way that the disorder is not so great. However, in other cases it can cause delays that give a complete turnaround to the planning of many titles. We already told you that Black widow for example, it has canceled its release in theaters and has moved to in a few months while other films have been directly distributed in VOD services.

We also have the case of many series in development with launch plans for this year. It is the case of WandaVision by the end of the year, or worse, Falcon and the Winter Soldier due out in August. We will see how things are once normality reigns again.