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T8-AML-V2 Firmware update to download today

Latest T8-AML-V2 FIRMWARE update Kodi Edition, Download T8-AML-V2 Firmware by Entertainment Box The latest T8-AML-V2 Firmware update released. Categories: TV box, News, Firmware, Tools, Recovery Download the latest T8-AML-V2 Firmware update Last updated 18/051/2017 Each Android...

Survey: more cameras or better lenses on mobile phones?

Truth be told, the number of cameras included on the back of a mobile phone is...

Samsung Galaxy W21 5G is official. Your new foldable smartphone!

Samsung has officially launched its new foldable smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy W21 5G has been...

Attention, Coimbra! It is now possible to travel from Uber in the city

From today, Coimbra has joined the range of cities covered by Uber's travel application. The home...

Pac-Man leaps into battle royale with a free demo

64 simultaneous kites

Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle

We have seen them in Tetris 99 and in Super Mario Bros 35. Two time-honored games that represent a large part of what we know as video games today, so we shouldn’t be too surprised when right now Bandai Namco decides to join the party of whoever wins the best.

This is how it is born PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle, a very special and original edition of the mythical Pac-Man that proposes games of up to 64 players who will be able to intercommunicate between their mazes to annoy each other with the sole intention of being the last one standing.

The interface is inevitably reminiscent of Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros 35, although that peculiarity of being able to move between mazes makes the game feel more like an open world map rather than a closed level in which to advance with your eye on the rest of rivals. It is undoubtedly a very original proposal that fans will surely like.

First on Stadia

Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle

The game comes exclusively to Stadia, Google’s streaming game service that allows you to play an extensive catalog of games from any device, including a browser. In addition, Stadia is a very suitable platform for Pac-Man Mega Tunner Battle, since the game will allow the incorporation of spectators who will be in charge of sending power-ups that will serve to give advantages to those players that we want.

A free early demo

The game will not be launched until November 17, however, on Stadia they have posted a completely free demo that will allow you to try the game at no cost and thus know how this labyrinthine battle royale feels that will bring such good recreational memories to more than one.

Will it reach consoles?

Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle

With the slogan “First on Stadia”, the service is telling us that the game will arrive first on Google’s playful cloud, however, it is not closing the doors to other platforms. Considering that the game officially launches on November 17, we will see which platforms are the ones that take note and add the game to their respective libraries, something that, considering the type of game it is, should not be too limited.


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