Silver or lead

Escobar Fold 2

The low trajectory of the company Pablo Escobar Inc It is summarized in the launch of Escobar Fold 1, a terminal with a folding screen that cost only $ 349. The price, as you can imagine, is unsurpassed, however, the few users who decided to bet on the terminal at its launch still do not receive the unit after making the purchase several months ago.

With this new Escobar Fold 2 they have repeated the marketing strategy, and for this they have rehired some models in their underwear to wear the phone. Although this time, instead of showing the phone what they have decided to do is take it directly with Samsung, since adding the motto Rest in Peace Samsung (Rest in peace, Samsung) and with the help of a heavy club, the models are dedicated in the video to destroy a glittering Galaxy Fold at the camera’s watchful eye.

But if we did not have enough with the bizarre situation, the Galaxy Fold is surrounded by five units of the Galaxy J2, a scene that reminds more of a satanic rite with sacrifice than the presentation of a mobile. Both the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy J2 lose their lives instantly at the moment the club touches them, but far from simply destroying the screen, the models continue to hit the folding terminal until they begin to burn. Something that may not have been very good considering the harmful gases that lithium ion batteries usually release. Hopefully unless they are insured.

A clone of the Galaxy Fold

But let’s focus on the terminal. What exactly is Escobar Fold 2? Given that the Escobar Fold 1 was clearly a copy of the Royole FlexPai, it was expected that the new version would not leave the laboratories of Pablo Escobar Inc. As you can see in the official images, the phone is exactly the same that the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and if we take into account that the first version was never sent to its buyers, this new phone may be another scam of the company.

As you can see in this capture of an official video, the phone has integrated Bixby, so as you can imagine, it is clear that we are facing a GalaxY Fold that has practically changed the external case and little else.

Can you buy the Escobar Fold 2?

The company has already opened the section on its website from which you can buy the new device immediately, however, taking into account that the official price of the Galaxy Fold is 2,000 euros and the company’s history in previous orders, most likely we are facing another scam more than those who camp on the Internet at ease.