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In the midst of the coronavirus crisis … Xiaomi takes advantage and launches a food purifier

Xiaomi's food disinfection machine Through Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform, the company has published a product that seems to be taking full attention. It is a food...

Motorola Razr: sees live the biggest test of durability to the foldable smartphone

Introduced in late 2019, the Motorola Razr is the foldable smartphone of the moment. But as...

OnePlus 6. Water Resistance Confirmed

It was a feature long requested by fans of the Chinese flagship company low cost. Now...

Samsung asked and iFixit deleted Galaxy Fold teardown

Samsung asks, Samsung has. O teardown (disassembly) made by iFixit to Galaxy Fold is no longer...

P.T. comes back to life thanks to this DOOM mod

A classic within a classic


GZ P.T. is a version of P.T. created entirely in DOOM, thanks to GZDoom, the tool based on the source code of the original game that allows you to create modified versions of the famous ID Software game. There are many modifications that we have seen in recent years, however, this one is quite special, since it is capable of moving us into the terrifying corridor of what we would later know as Sillent hills.

The intention of its creator is to recreate as much as possible all the scenes of P.T. Hideo Kojima’s original, with the quirk of maintaining the unmistakable sprite-based aesthetic of the original DOOM. The objective? The same. Try to escape the labyrinthine corridor without giving you a cardiac arrest. Keep your bracelet with a heart rate sensor nearby, because you will need it.

Simple but effective

Other Worlds

As you can see in the presentation video, the graphics are not at all realistic, but the atmosphere is still intact, so we could probably get more of a scare around the corner. We will once again see the dark bathroom, the cockroaches in the hall, the moving lamp and even the sinister voice that is heard in the background …

It’s up to you to get out of this. So if you have the courage, you only have to download and install it to start playing.

How can i play?

To play GZ P.T. You will only have to download the files that they have left on their official website and have GZDoom installed on your computer so that it can run correctly. It works more or less like a plug-in, so you just have to copy the file GZPT.ipk3 that you are going to download and place it in the same place as the GZDoom executable.

Now you just have to run GZDoom and select the GZ P.T package. to start playing, but don’t forget to configure the keyboard and mouse in the control settings.


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