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OxygenOS 11 brings Android 11 from Google to OnePlus 8

Google announced the latest version of its operating system, Android 11 a few hours ago and OnePlus has already announced that its users can test the news. The OnePlus 8 range is thus the first to test the beta version of OxygenOS 11.

Immediately after the availability of Android 11 by Google, the technology will have perfected some important points and prepared the open beta version of its interface. Now, we already have the complete list of news!

OnePlus OxygenOS 11 has arrived

Citing its partnership with Google, OnePlus is proud to be among the first smartphone manufacturers to officially offer Android 11. The news comes on the day that this same version of the system was launched by the American company.

Above we can see a short video with some of the main news. From the new application icons, more animations for the application of meteorology, as well as a neat and prepared gallery from scratch for the dark theme.

We have new animations for loading the mobile phone, the animation in the transitions between applications has also been rethought, with greater emphasis given to fluidity – wanting here to take advantage of the high update rate on the screens of OnePlus mobile phones.

The main news based on Android 11

  • New UI design for a more comfortable visual experience with several details optimizations.
  • The graphical interface of the meteorology application has been redesigned with new animations and graphic dynamism. From sunrise to sunset, the user will have a graphical experience that reflects that.
  • Optimization of the screen brightness / brightness adjustment bar from the top notification bar for quick and accurate adjustment.
  • Game Space has new tools for games, with more convenient switches in Fnatic mode.
  • New Ambient Display function for Always-on mode, with new styles, behaviors and watches.
  • Enhanced Dark Mode, with new shortcuts to activate and customize it automatically
  • Zen Mode has 5 new themes and more time options, in addition to the addition of Zen Mode shared with friends.
  • The gallery now supports the Story mode in which videos are automatically created based on the photos and videos stored on the phone.

The news was published in the official forum of OnePlus, and this trial version of OxygenOS 11 is available for the phones OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro (global version).

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